Examples of Breed Standard revisions quoted from the Resolutions

The authors of the Convention are convinced that in the breeding of several breeds or types of pet animals, mammals and birds, insufficient account is taken of anatomical, physiological and behavioural characteristics which are likely to put at risk the animals’ health and welfare.

They demand that if persuasive measures are not sufficient, governments should consider prohibiting the breeding and or phasing out the exhibition and the selling of certain types or breeds when characteristics of these animals correspond to what they consider to be harmful defects such as those presented in the following Appendix:
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The UK Kennel Club Intervenes

Reproduced from the Kennel Club Press Release

On the 7th June 2001 representatives of The Kennel Club travelled to Brussels to attend a meeting with Michael Scannell – a Member of Mr David Byrne’s* Cabinet, who specialises in Animal Welfare Legislation, and Paul Remits – a European Commission legal advisor, to discuss the current ‘dangerous dog’ legislation being perpetrated in Germany and other areas of Europe.
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